June 4, 2015


Christopher Craigg (born November 3), better known by his stage name Y N G CeeZ, is an American hip hop recording artist from Brooklyn, New York. Craigg started with an extreme love for Basketball in his early years. Once a junior in high school, that love spilled over into music and has not turned back since.

In August, 2016 CeeZ announced that he will be back in the studio to work on a mixtape and then an album. Names for these projects are yet to be released. On August 12, 2016 He released a freestyle over A-boogie’s “My Shit” that will appear on the mixtape. Also in August 2016 CeeZ announced that he will be starting up an Online Cypher called the “#Militia Cypher”. Inspired by the popular “So Gone Challenge”, CeeZ will give artists a platform to showcase their talents with monthly challenges over beats that are pre chosen.

CeeZ has released 2 mixtapes, Kush Kampus Vol. 1 (2008) and Kush Kampus Vol. 2 (2010) which included members of his then unofficial label named “Blocc Bangaz Entertainment”. In Early 2012 CeeZ went into hosting a monthly Interview and Cypher segment named “Y N G Musicvision”. Here CeeZ interviewed other up and coming artists and then joined them for a Cypher along with whomever the interviewed artist decided to include. CeeZ has also had various performances in NY and surrounding states including New Jersey, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Connecticut and Virginia.

CeeZ looks to take his talent and perform worldwide. In an earlier interview he stated that in his time learning the ropes, there really weren’t any helping hands, telling the interviewer “I never really had any help and I wish I did. No one ever reached out and wanted to, so I had to figure things out on my own. Almost all my time had been Trial and Error.” Finishing up by saying “If music doesn’t work out for me, I could be a mentor. I could really be help to someone who doesn’t have any.” CeeZ has shown light of this by taking on many different roles in management of up and coming entertainers that include Models, other Artists, Singers, Dancers, Producers, Dj’s and etc.

Be on the lookout for new material from Y N G CeeZ. While awaiting the announcement of the new mixtape and album titles, CeeZ has never been one to disappoint.